What is that THING that you have promised yourself that you would do?  You know, that thing that you keep promising to yourself but wind up putting behind something else? You think you don’t have the money, the time, or the complete assurance that it is 100% fail proof. Do it anyway.  Are there current problems on your plate to solve? Do this THING anyway. Will it be inconvenient? Probably, at least for a little while.  Do it anyway.

Why so much repetition? We’re repeating the message here to demonstrate the volume of obstacles that even a non-creative mind can find as reasons why not. Given enough time you can probably think of many more reasons why staying put is better in some way. Somehow choosing not to take action feels like it is less risky than it is to step out onto uncharted territory. But you might be missing something important in the argument that you are having with yourself.

Goals, intentions and the power of belief

To what extent have you envisioned the outcome you want? Can you see it in detail? Will you be smarter, lighter, or stronger? Will your business generate higher sales volume? By how much? By when? Just what is that THING? Describe it in all of its vivid glory. You have to be able to see it before you will readily commit to it.

What if you don’t know exactly where the THING will wind up? You can set a direction toward it anyway.  If you don’t know whether you want to live in Florida, but you hate the cold, you can head South from where you are (if you don’t already live in the Southern climes, of course). Intentions are like that – you head in the general direction that you want, knowing that you are moving toward the warmth.  At some point you might decide to make a turn and wind up in a warm spot that isn’t the original exact spot you thought you would wind up.This can happen with intention because new information that falls under the category of “warm places to live” might come your way. You can be consistent and still be open to change.

Do you really believe that you can do the THING? Really, deep down? If you don’t really believe that it is there for you, you will delay taking the first steps toward getting yourself there.  For some people (maybe more than we think,) it is hard to believe that  good things can really happen. They see the potential rewards but don’t truly believe that they deserve them, or that they are capable of doing what’s necessary to realize them.

Building the case for moving off the dime

It may be that you just haven’t accounted for the costs of your current state. You see the investment of time and/or money that is necessary to do the THING and yet you don’t know whether it is worthwhile. If that’s the case, it’s just because you haven’t compared it to the costs (hard and soft) of your current state.

How much is it costing you in dollars to stay where you are? How much is it costing you in stress? In health problems? How much is it impacting your business relationships with clients to keep things the way they are? To what extent will you be able to grow and innovate without changing anything?.

Do it now

If you don’t change anything nothing will change. Is that what you really want? Really? There are solutions to the vast majority of obstacles.  It’s a matter of weighing the potential value against the investment you need to make to get there. If there is no good time, then it means that there is no bad time either. All times are equally bad. So do it now. That THING is waiting.