It’s not common that businesses have only one goal, and it’s not common that any business has only one problem, or only one opportunity that it has not yet pursued. Once you realize that you have work to do to shore things up, or to scale things up, do you know where to start to improve your business?

Businesspeople in desert

When you don’t know where to start, chances are that you have not determined when to start, either. Delay doesn’t help you grow, so let’s look at this from a few different perspectives to determine where to start NOW.

  • Go in any window, but then go in every room. A step is just that – a step.  The first action is usually the most difficult, because that’s the action that breaks your inertia.  Once you take the first action you keep moving.
  • Look for potential for early victories. When you are attempting to knock your operation out of stasis, the feeling of success, progress, achievement helps to motivate your team. Don’t start by trying to solve world peace.  Instead, choose a reasonable project scope that you can complete quickly, and use the energy from that to help pull you forward.
  • What’s causing the worst bleeding?  You may want to start with the area that is causing the most pain, or costing the most money. If you resolve a cash leakage you may find that the improvement itself funds future improvement efforts.
  • Categorize your issues as people, process, or strategy. There are a few benefits in doing this.  First, you will start to notice trends.  Are your processes nailed down but people issues rampant?  Are you developing your staff, but they are frustrated by clunky work methods and interdepartmental hand-offs?
  • Start where you already have the tools. If you know how but just haven’t gotten on it, get up and get on it!  Or identify the obstacles that have prevented you from fixing it, and deal with the obstacles first.
  • Start where you have strong partners and/or resources. You don’t have to know everything to have a successful business.  Truth be told, if you think you DO have all of the answers you are probably deluding yourself. Partner with a coach or consultant, go to a relevant conference or workshop.  Heck, call someone up on the phone who might be able to shed some light on your issue.

It’s not so important where you start.  It’s important THAT you start.  If you need resources and/or an accountability partner, contact Summit HRD.  Let’s talk and see where we can connect you.