Stuck in the Corner Office?

Business coaching is a process through which you can maximize
your results by increasing your focus, your competence and your commitment to
the things that you say you want.

A coach is not a consultant.  Our role is not to tell you where you’ve
gone wrong.  Your coach is to operate
much the way you did when you taught your children to ride a bicycle.  They suggest the best place to practice, hold
onto the bike until you’ve got your balance, and then let go when you’re
operating under your own power.

Trained to handle business and personal issues, Summit coaches work with people who
are already good and who are seeking to grow even better.  Some of the initial issues leading to a
coaching relationship have included:
  •  Desire for greater life balance
  • Working toward a particular BHAG (big,
    hairy, audacious goal)
  •  Determining or defining a potential change
    in career path
  • Preparing for the next level of authority
  • Bouncing back from a setback
  • Becoming unstuck from tenacious habits that are holding you back

Julie Poland, Summit Founder, Author
and Certified Business Coach

Mike Bingham, Inc. 500 Entrepreneur,
Executive Coach