One of the inner obstacles to people choosing to embark on a coaching process or the pursuit of goals is their discomfort about where they are starting. Perhaps they have drifted into a weight class and numbers on the scale they thought they would never see. Maybe a series of unfortunate events and circumstances has depleted their cash reserves or tanked their credit rating. In some cases aperson has such negative emotions about the current state that he or she becomes stuck there in a spiral of discomfort, inaction, and more discomfort as a result of the inaction.golden-compass-vector_f1LIybvO_L

No matter where you are right now, that’s where you are. Period. There are no evaluations attached to it except the stories that you are attaching to it. The only thing that really matters is whether you plan to stay there or move on to a state, a condition, a pattern of behavior that is better for you. Where you are is not who you are unless you allow it to be so by sitting still and wrapping it around yourself like a ratty old bathrobe.

So if you’re not going to wear it and wallow, what’s next?

The whole purpose of goals and/or of engaging in a coaching process is to bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. Once you have become aware of your current state you need to define your desired state so you can determine the amount of ground you need to cover.

In addition, you need to identify why this is important to do.  Are you pursuing some sort of tangible or intangible reward(s)? Do you want to avoid a negative consequence, or a deepening of the mire that you’re in right now? This is important to know because the rewards and consequences define the degree to which you’ll be willing to go out of your way to change things for yourself.  Identified rewards of achievement and consequences of nonachievement help you stay on track despite anticipated or unanticipated obstacles.

What’s your current state? Are you satisfied with it or not?  If you’re answer is “No, I am not satisfied with it,” then let’s get on with it.  Invent yourself.  Determine the outcome you want and go for it. And if you want, we can help you get there.