If you engage in aerobic exercise you probably monitor your pulse. At rest it is slower, and as you expend more effort and move more quickly, your pulse goes faster to keep your cells fueled with oxygen. Your business has a pulse too, and it can both be indicator and driver of the pace of growth. Is your business pulse fast enough to help you grow?

When your body pulses, it’s the action of your heart. When your business pulses, it’s the combination of:

  • How frequently you update your game plan
  • How often you communicate, and with whom in your company
  • What methods you use to communicate
  • How you render your goals into bite sized steps, and with what frequency you evaluate your progress on them
  • What you measure, and at what time increments
  • How you sell, produce, package and deliver, invoice and collect, and more!

Is your business sluggish? Does it take too much time to make decisions? Or is there a lot of hot air circulating without action resulting from the conversation?  If the opposite is true, and you feel like your business is spinning out of control, it’s possible that your internal pulse isn’t keeping pace with the incoming input of orders and customer questions.

There are circumstances that call for you to quicken the pulse throughout your business operation. Here are a few:

  1. Your industry is in a process of rapid change. You can’t do a valid three-year plan when you can expect that technology will leapfrog past you within 90 days.
  2.  Your business is gasping from lack of oxygen (cash) because your invoicing and collection processes aren’t keeping pace with your sales and production processes.  You need more cash to produce higher volumes of product more quickly.
  3. Your senior executives are not in alignment with one another. You might notice this first because departments are working at cross purposes, or because one division doesn’t know what the other is doing.
  4. You’re setting goals, but by the end of the quarter you realize that you have no shot at reaching them.

There is not a one-step, quick fix to speed up the pulse in your business. There is, however a combination of operational disciplines that you can teach your business to do that can double your cash flow, triple your profitability, and create the kind of synchronized activity in your company that reduces your stress while it increases performance.

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