Are you living with an abundance mentality?  This is the “season” for giving thanks, but when you are living IN an attitude of plenty every day you engage in behavior that creates a Domino effect of benefits.  Here are some examples:

Slice of homemade Serbian traditional cheese pie,selective focus

  • You share what you have with others. When you believe that there is abundance you don’t hold things to yourself.  Instead you are confident in the knowledge that food, money, love, or whatever resources you need will be there for you when you need them in the future.
  • You don’t struggle to make this sale. If you’re in a sales role  and in abundance mindset you know there are more opportunities around you than you can possibly have time to pursue.  This means that you don’t inadvertently apply pressure during your conversation with this prospect.  And that means that, ironically, your rapport is better and your prospect becomes MORE likely to buy from you.
  • You shed your need to compete with others. When you are a single person looking for a relationship, abundance mentality means that you know you are “enough” whether you are single or not.   You are less likely to “settle” for a relationship where there is not a good fit of values and interests.  And you are less likely to tolerate behavior that is harmful to you.
  • You stop taking yourself so seriously. When you know there are multiple opportunities you stop worrying about this one right here.   You know a mistake won’t be deadly.  You can relax into it, which means you sleep better, stress less – and ultimately you perform better.
  • You thank people and express appreciation for what they do. You know that success builds on success, and that one person’s win does not result in another person’s loss.  When you have abundance mentality you bake more pies – you don’t assume that there is only one pie that has to feed everyone.
  • You get ready. When you live in abundance mentality you prepare yourself for the inevitable opportunities that are coming.  You educate yourself, organize yourself, and take care of yourself so you are ready to respond.
  • You notice openings. When you are focused on protecting yourself (scarcity thinking) it is hard to see the clues along the side of the road.  When you are living in abundance mentality you aren’t worrying and staring inward.  You are free, willing, and able to spot the new trails.  You are able to hear the inner whisper that encourages you to go for it.
  • You choose your input.  People who believe in abundance sort out the influences that create negativity and limits.  This may mean choosing not to watch the news on TV, or choosing not to spend time with acquaintances who are stuck in a “kill or be killed” mindset.  Instead you lead yourself to people who are already living the way you want to live, and who reinforce the abundance thinking that you want to strengthen in yourself.

Every day is a day to be thankful.  Every day when you look around there is opportunity and friendship and plenty.  You are already living in abundance – your job is to notice it, and then to go with it.