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Not every entrepreneur hankers for a business that sprouts like Jack’s beanstalk. But if you do, we know how to help you get there. Growth requires a strategy that differentiates your business from your competitors, it takes the concerted execution efforts of a savvy and engaged team, and it takes cash.

Julie Poland, CBC, Founder

Julie E. Poland is a nationally known author, certified business coach and facilitator. Since 1990 Ms. Poland has worked with individuals and groups from the boardroom to the front lines to define desired outcomes and achieve them.

Executive Coaching
Julie’s passion is helping individuals build upon their strengths to create their most desirable future. She engages clients in a multi-phase coaching process through which they can build greater awareness, purpose, competence, well-being, and best of all—results.

Executive Women
Julie, like other executive women, has had to juggle the multiple fulltime jobs of work and home.  Her background that includes both corporate management and independent business ownership allows her to explore the full range of options with executive women who want to be effective in all of their life roles.

Business Results Improvement
Business success starts with a strategy and is supported by management and operational systems.  Julie has worked with all of these pieces of the company success puzzle.  With a diversified background that includes management, product development, marketing, sales, and strategic planning, Ms. Poland has applied her proven processes and facilitation skills in more than 30 industries.

Ms. Poland is a certified facilitator for Achievement Seminars International, Resource Associates Corporation, and Total Quality Institute.

Mike Bingham, Consultant

Mike is an entrepreneur who started a business in his living room and grew it to #208 on the INC 500 list of the fastest growing companies. Mike understands the mind of the business owner and the steps necessary to create fast, sustainable growth.

Executive Coaching
Mike’s specialty is working one-on-one with business owners and their key people to develop the attitudes, behaviors, and goal achievement practices that keep the business humming while keeping their personal lives satisfying. He is particularly interested in values-based leadership.

Sales Development
An effective sales machine requires the right people, skills, processes, and market focus. Mike’s approach to sales is to create an “assistant buyer” mentality which enables his clients to help customers achieve their goals. He helps to instill productive habits that keep the sales funnel full. The outcome is loyal, repeat business from clients who become active advocates for your business.

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