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CEO challenges in a growing company

Even the best CEOs don’t have all of the answers, so you don’t have to either. Savvy CEOs know, though, that it’s smart to tap into resource that can provide information that you need. SummitHRD knows how to help you install the framework to support your business, and to support you, as your company grows.

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Increase team focus by adding fun

What we are talking about here is helping your company achieve outstanding results over the long haul by using quarterly sprints to drive you toward the really big goals. You increase the team’s focus by adding some fun. People are motivated by goals that are a stretch, but that they believe are achievable. People are disarmed, and in better mindset for learning, when they are having fun. You’re together with your team for 40, 50 or more hours per week. Why shouldn’t you have a good time while you are growing your business?

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Maximize future business value by scaling NOW

You started your business because you had a vision. You might not be ready to talk about an exit plan. That’s OK. If the business is meeting your goals and providing you with daily energy and purpose, you might want to extend your timeline for your active role there. Even if you have determined that the only way you are leaving your business is on a stretcher, wouldn’t it be great to continue to grow something great? What if you have not yet seen the true potential that your business has in store?

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Value working with others stems from respect, authenticity

When you are a leader you are responsible for achieving results. You are responsible for good enough results today on your way to better results tomorrow. So when you try to take a short cut and run through the people along the way, even if today you are able to get what you want, what about tomorrow? What about the next day? It takes time to build relationships, whether you’re inside work or out. Invest the time to really SEE the person with whom you are interacting and listen for what they need. When you take time to find common ground and reciprocate so that all parties can have their needs met, you build the foundation for a sustainable, partnership-oriented venture. This is the type of venture in which everyone has an opportunity to win, over and over again.

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Does your plan contain these 5 windows?

Notice that there are layers involved here. Quarterly actions roll up to the achievement of annual key initiatives, and the annual initiatives support the 3-year strategic thrusts of the business. What is not shown here is each individual’s accountability for a piece of the quarterly goal. So it gets even more granular than shown here. Ultimately it’s all hands on deck for the accomplishment of the company’s biggest intentions.

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Balancing people and process to grow your business

You know what happens when everyone runs to the starboard side of the sailboat, right? The sailboat starts to lean that way, and if it leans too far it can tip right over. Based upon your talents, training, interests, and prior experience, you lean when you run your...

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Want to scale? Start where it hurts the most

So you want to scale your business but you’re not sure where to start? Some businesses choose to focus on scaling because they see some incredible possibilities. Others implement some aspects because they want to relieve some current pain. Companies that are scaling rapidly are making decisions about

cash (accelerating the inflow of it to fuel growth),
people (getting the right people in the right seats),
strategy (exploiting advantages, focusing), and
execution (speeding up communication, strengthening culture and accountability.)

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How fast can you double your company’s revenue?

When your business is growing from a mouse into a gazelle ($5-50 million), a handful of new clients or new projects could jettison you into growth territory. But rapid growth in established businesses doesn’t happen automatically. A company that commits to growth has to overcome four hurdles: people, strategy, execution, and cash.

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Discovering and living core values in your biz

Real core values are beliefs that you are willing to fire an employee (or customer) over. They are so important to you that you would be willing to take a financial hit to live in alignment with them. True core values are not hearts and flowers, they are blood and bones. They are foundations, rules for living, guideposts for running your operation inside and out.

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Who is accountable for getting things done?

Your A performers expect a lot of themselves, and they also expect something of you, the business owner or other leader. They expect you to hold everyone accountable for individual tasks and overall performance. Otherwise your A performers become frustrated and leave your business to find a workplace that is more aligned with their high standards. That is a loss you don’t want to have to take, and if it happens too often your business could be handicapped – not only from the loss of talent, but also from the cost of rehiring and retraining.

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Is your business pulse fast enough to help you grow?

There is not a one-step, quick fix to speed up the pulse in your business. There is, however a combination of operational disciplines that you can teach your business to do that can double your cash flow, triple your profitability, and create the kind of synchronized activity in your company that reduces your stress while it increases performance. 

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Why they just won’t change their attitudes

It is possible that the first mind change that has to happen is yours.  Perhaps they are not wrong and you are not right.  Perhaps there is no wrong or right, but just different perspectives on the issue.  Yours is the only mind over which you have control, so if things aren’t working as well as you would like them to, that’s the best place to start.

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Find more cash to grow your biz

In a world where electronic transactions have surpassed the exchange of dollar bills and even checks in some industries, cash is still king. It still rules your business, so you’ll fare better if you take steps to make cash your friend.

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Strengthen your strengths, or fix your weaknesses?

In the process of coaching for peak performance, one of the processes our clients go through is a personal self-assessment. It covers multiple dimensions, including career/financial, social life, mental development, physical, family, and ethics and beliefs. This is not done with an overlay of a standard of what “should” be, but rather with the client’s own values driving the evaluation. We almost always wind up in a discussion about whether it is better to strengthen your strengths, or fix your weaknesses.

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