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Changing Results By Changing Behaivor

Every business wants better results, but not every business gets them.

The proven avenue to improved results is for people to do something differently – to change their behavior. But that’s not easy to achieve even on a temporary basis. Sustainable positive behavior change is even more challenging to accomplish, and it requires attention on several interrelated fronts.

Changing Results by Changing Behavior by Julie Poland demystifies the how-to’s of designing a change process that works in your company, no matter whether you’re a publicly held firm or a one-person operation. Discover the obstacles that have been blocking your progress in the past, and learn about a step-by-step method that will create the positive outcome you’ve been searching for.

This is a quick must-read designed for busy leaders who don’t want to be bathed in theory – it’s for leaders who want to get down to practical matters – right now.

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