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Summit can provide a comprehensive system or can target specific points of opportunity that you identify to help you reach your intended destination.

Strategic Planning and Execution

It’s hard to hit a target that you haven’t established. It’s difficult for you and your leadership team to make decisions about how to allocate financial, physical, and people resources when you have nothing against which to test your options.


Team Development

Whether you’re talking about intact work groups or cross-functional peers, peak performance is not a given. Opportunities for innovation and for cost savings are found in the hand-offs from person to person and from department to department.


Executive Coaching

Who do you talk to about the challenges that you face at work – or outside of it? Summit’s executive coaching process helps you to take a broader look at what you want from your work, and what you want from your life. It’s a relationship with a coach that is all about you – your goals and aspirations, your competence, and your confidence.


Leadership Development

Leadership means standing up for what you believe in. Leadership means building relationships that cause others to want to follow. Effective leaders are developed, not born, and there are a multitude of effective styles and methods they can use to meet the challenges of their day.


Sales Team Development

Is your sales team meeting its goals consistently? Are you getting push back on price, or seeing margins erode? Are you having to reinvent your book of business on a regular basis?


Cycle Time Reduction

Speed is your competitive edge. When your processes contain many steps and multiple handoffs you increase the likelihood of delays and quality problems. Beyond the speed expectations of customers, bulky processes cost you money. And it’s not only your production processes that are soaking up operating cash – your business processes like invoicing and collections can be the culprits too!


Keynotes and Breakouts

Need a speaker for a special event? Want to get your staff fired up to kick off a sales promotion? Hosting a professional conference where you need up to date information about what makes organizations grow and thrive? Give your group the kind of experience where they take away ideas they can implement in the real world.


Client Needs We Fulfill:

Top-line and bottom line growth

Better use of available resources

More effective teams

Improved work culture

Reduced turnover

Increased customer loyalty

Employee engagement

Higher quality

Greater speed and agility

More innovation

Competitive advantage

Greater sustainability

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