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Assessments and Surveys

Smart leaders make decisions based upon data, but sometimes it’s hard to get a handle on the most complex asset in your business – the people.

To get an overview of how your business is doing from your employees’ perspective, we can implement D.I.Al.O.G. Find out how your business measures up against the 7 categories of the Organizational Excellence Criteria. Find out how differently certain strata of your employee base perceive your company’s performance. And use the D.I.Al.O.G. to help you measure change and improvement in employee engagement and culture.

For hiring, succession planning, or employee development, Summit is certified to provide Advanced Insights, a combination if behavioral style, values and motivators, and mental talents. Why struggle trying to squeeze people into jobs that don’t fit, when you can obtain greater return from your salary investment by putting them to work in the roles that best suit their natural talents and motivation?

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