The blog has been mostly dark for a couple of weeks while SummitHRD moves into its next version.  And more is to come.  Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be migrating from Blogger (which we’ve loved as a blogging platform) to WordPress, which will enable us to be fully integrated with our new, transformed  summithrd website.

It’s not only our logo and website that are transforming.  Our practice is evolving too, into a focus on companies with aggressive growth goals. Yes, we still coach individuals, and yes, we still work with teams to help them operate more smoothly.  Yes, we still help teams reinvent key work processes to make them faster, more cost efficient, and meeting customer requirements.

We didn’t make this decision lightly.  We took into account the work we like to do, the work our skills are suited to do, and the types of customers who (by their own accounts) we have served the best.  So we’re continuing to sharpen our saw (as Covey would say), to up our game, so we can sustain the pace and the quality that will bring our clients value. When you work with SummitHRD, our goal is for you to have an outstanding experience and improved business results, so you will make a point to refer us to others as a beneficial business resource.

You, version 3.0
What’s your next version?  To what does your business aspire?  Have you set it down on paper?  Have you shared your intention with your staff?  Have you laid out a plan?

You might not think you have enough information to make hard-core decisions about the future of your company.  You would be right in that assessment.  You never have enough information, just like there’s never a good time to plan. But that doesn’t mean that it’s better to wait and see. By the time you see fully, your competition will already be there, poised and ready to eat your lunch.

In addition, market conditions change.  New presidents are elected.  Blizzards and droughts affect your marketplace.  Key employees join your firm, and some may leave.  You work on version 3.0 anyway.

What’s the best next step you could be taking today to invent the future of your business?  Your version 3.0 is waiting.